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Who are we?

Many of us are Americans with Scottish ancestry. Some of us were born and grew up in Scotland and moved here in later years. Some of us are relatives or friends of the above mentioned with no Scottish ancestry. All of us, though, are interested in learning about, preserving, and promoting the culture and traditions of Scotland. Anyone with an interest in Scotland and Scottish affairs can become a member of the House of Scotland.

How do I join?

Prospective members are required to attend two (2) meetings within a three (3) month period. Meetings are held monthly, on the 2nd Sunday of each month, from 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM. At the first meeting, they are required to pay a $2 non-refundable initiation fee. At the second meeting, their request for membership will be taken to a written vote by the voting members present. The prospective member will be notified by the Secretary of the outcome of the vote soon thereafter. If accepted, the new member will receive a welcome packet and his or her yearly dues of $7 will be due to the treasurer.

Can my family join?

Family participation is encouraged, of course. When parents join, their children under the age of 18 automatically become members. For those 18 or over, individual membership is required.

What else must I do as a member?

Members are required to host the House of Scotland on two (2) Sundays during the year, to be scheduled between the individual member and the hosting chairperson.

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